1. You place an order for our class, or equipments and the class(es).

2. We confirm your order by writing our Proforma Invoice saying your order, total amount, delivery time, (training date ), our bank account no, etc.

3. You make payment by Bank's Transfer (Wiring, T/T) to our Bank Account No.
In case you do not need VISA to Korea, you can pay 30% of the training fee, or around in advance.
But in case you need VISA, we want you to pay 100%, or at least us$5,000.00 per trainee
in advance.

4. After we receive your payment by Bank's Transfer, we have our bank (KookMin Bank) issue the Certificate of their Receipt of your payment.

And, have the T/T Receipt -Certificate and my Invitation Letter, and other documents below
notarized (tested) by a notary public.

5. We send you the following documents by email and fax (or/and DHL) for your applying for VISA to Korean Embassy or Consulate.
(1) our Invitation Letter
(2) our Proforma Invoice (Contract) confirming your order
(3) the Certificate of our bank's Receipt of your T/T payment
(4) the certificate of Hotel Reservation issued by the hotel you (or we) have booked a room at
(5) copies of our web pages such as,, etc
to present (show) the Korean Embassy or Consulate
(6) Certificate of our Business Registration ( in Korean & English)

6. At the same time, we fax ( and email) the above documents directly to the Korean Embassy or Consulate.
( Korean Embassies and Consulates overseas and Immigration officers at Korean Airport (Incheon International Airport, Incheon City, Korea) know about our name and business very well.
There has been nobody who could not get VISA to Korea after we sent our Invitation letters and other documents above.

7. When you have applied for VISA with documents including our Invitation Letter
and documents. the Korean Ambassador or Consul himself in your country, most of cases, call directly to us, or John Yim in Korea (Republic of Korea, or South Korea) to check.

8. In case you can not get VISA to Korea and can not come to Korea, we return back your enrollment (down-) payment to you within 24 hours after receipt of your Bank Account No.

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